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Outdoor Pot Set

Outdoor Pot Set

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This Outdoor Pot Set is ideal for camping trips with 2-3 people. The 4-piece set includes a portable pot set and camping cookware designed for outdoor use. With direct sales supply, this set is durable and convenient for all your outdoor cooking needs.

Product Description: 

Name: Portable 4-piece pot set

*Large pot size: 137x107mm / Capacity: 1.3L

*Small pot specifications: 122x105mm / Capacity: 1L

*Large cover specification: 132x62mm / Capacity: 0.7L

*Small cover specifications: 115x60mm / Capacity: 0.5L

*Net weight of single set: 540G Gross weight of single set: 640G

*Outer box specifications: 60.5*36*46cm

*The weight of the whole piece: 16.3KG

*Packing quantity: 24/carton

Suitable for 2-3 people, including two cylindrical pot bodies and two bowl-shaped pot lids.
Made of imported aluminum, high hardness anodized, scratch-resistant and easy to clean.
A large pot fits a small pot, and a flat pot and a small stove can be placed in the small pot.

This pot set comes packaged in a black mesh bag.


1. Made of high-quality imported aluminum alloy material, high-hardness anodized, scratch-resistant and easy to clean. High surface hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
2. It can be stacked and collected, easy to carry, and suitable for activities such as outdoor camping and mountain climbing.


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